Blood Donor Mobile Plus

Blood Donor Mobile Plus enables all blood collection agencies to connect with their donors anywhere in the world!

Blood Donor Mobile Plus is a widely available mobile app for any and all blood banks and donors around the world. The plus version of Blood Donor Mobile allows you to upload your blood drives using our blood drive web portal. Once you've uploaded your drives, any donor using Blood Donor Mobile can find your drives on their phone.

Many blood banks want to have a mobile app, but sometimes building a custom app (like Blood Donor Mobile Pro) is too expensive to be considered, especially for locally focused blood collection agencies. Our Plus version of Blood Donor Mobile is meant to remedy that by allowing you to get all the benefits of your own, at a miniscule fraction of the cost.

The Right Type, Right On Time

Blood Donor Mobile Pro is designed to help you collect the right blood products when you need them by better communicating with donors. Depending on the features you select, Blood Donor Mobile can:

  • Alert eligible blood donors when they're near an active blood drive (that accepts walk-ins).
  • Enable donors to find upcoming blood drives via map or calendar.
  • Share a blood drive with their friends on social media.
  • Set eligibility reminders to notify them when they're eligible to donate again!
    • via their phone
    • their calendar
    • or email
  • Keep donors up to date with other news and events happening within your agency or community.

Easy Uploads

With Blood Donor Mobile Plus, you can easily log into the website to upload your blood drives manually, or import a csv - just like the ones you can easily export from your donor management system.

Free to Try

Blood Donor Mobile Plus is free for blood donors in the Google Play and Apple App Stores. It is also free for blood banks to sign up and upload three drives free to try it out. After that, it cost only $250 per month to upload ALL of your drives for as long as you'd like.

To build a similar app on your own, you'd have to spend over $100,000 just to build it, let alone maintain it.

If you're interested in trying Blood Donor Mobile Plus for your agency please sign-up here.

If you're looking for a customized app built specifically for your blood bank and your donors may want to learn more about Blood Donor Mobile Pro!