Why Blood Donor Mobile?

As blood donors ourselves, we realize the importance of your mission and how vital each unit of blood is.

From whole blood donations, to component donations like plasma, platelets or red blood cells, blood is, well, the lifeblood of your business. It's the reason we work so hard to develop a platform that provides you, the blood bank, with a positive return on your investment in terms of pints to dollars.

By bettering donor communications we're able to help you collect more, of the right type, at the right time, from all of your different types of donors:

  • Your rockstar donors - the ones who never miss a chance to donate. By using Blood Donor Mobile, you can be sure they have all the info they need in their pocket 24/7.
  • Your casual, well-intentioned donors, who mean to donate more frequently, but get swept up in other things. You can provide them an easy reminder that's sure to be seen.
  • First-timers and new donors - Blood Donor Mobile is a great way to keep them connected, so you can be sure they'll be back again and again!

To learn more about partnering with Blood Donor Mobile, please contact us.

Consider the numbers:



These interactions add up quickly. Let's say you have a donor database of 50,000. Over the course of a year, let's say 10% of your donors download the app. If each of them donate one more time per year, which we've seen the eligibility reminders do help do, that's an extra 5,000 units of blood in your first year with Blood Donor Mobile!

And as your app continues to be downloaded by more and more donors and members of the community, the more frequently donations are made, and the more lives you save. Not to mention the money saved on postcards and telemarketing...

To learn more about partnering with Blood Donor Mobile, please contact us.