How It Works

Watch the short animations below to find out more about how Blood Donor Mobile can help you collect more blood.

Blood Donor Mobile is a two part system - the mobile app available in the Google Play and iTunes App Store is designed for blood donors and enables them to find blood drives, record their donations, and set eligibility reminders.

The other part of the system is a web portal that allows member blood banks to upload their blood collection agency's blood drives to become visible to their blood donors.

In this way Blood Donor Mobile enables blood collection centers to better connect with their donors and collect more of the type of blood (or plasma, or platlets) they need, when they have a need for them.

How does the web portal work?

This overview shows how simple the Blood Donor Mobile portal makes it to uploadĀ your blood drives.

How does the mobile app work?

This overview shows how the Blood Donor Mobile App benefits both donors and blood collection agencies.

What options are there? (Plus vs. Pro)

Find out which version is right for your blood collection agency.

By the Numbers

See how Blood Donor MobileĀ can help you collect the right blood at the right time by bettering donor communication.