Recruiting Students to Donate Blood

  No one will argue the importance of having young adults donate blood. It is only through their support that we are able to contend with the demands of our hospitals. But let’s face it; once young donors make a donation it can often be difficult to get them back. The American Red Cross says…

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Not HIPAA Critical

Happy New Year! In the New Year your blood collection agency has new goals, new ideas, and hopefully a new invigorated spirit. My motto this year in my personal life is “Don’t set a resolution, start a revolution.” I am using this year to really maximize the talent and assets I have to up my…

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Every Drop Counts

If you’re in charge of a blood collection agency, center, or hospital blood bank you know the blood industry is about two things: donors and dollars. Donors make up the most important part of the equation, which is why they’re mentioned first.  However, as a member of a blood collection agency you always need to monitor…

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