A Bit About Why Blood Donor Mobile Exists


The United States sees the transfusion of about 30 million blood components every year.

This equates to someone in the country needing a blood product every two seconds, every day of the year. The need for blood, and large quantities of it, on a daily basis is an undeniable fact. Also undeniable is the fact that people today are busier than ever before. Being successful with recruiting and retaining blood donors means putting the information they need directly in their hands in an engaging and informative way.

Since so many people today are connected via their cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices, in addition to (or sometimes instead of) the standard laptop or PC, blood centers need to rise to the challenge. This means providing the information donors are looking for in a variety of formats. With today’s focus on being well informed while on the go, getting information into potential blood donors’ hands is crucial to getting them to follow through time and again when it comes to donating blood.

Harnessing the power of today’s mobile technology is a key factor in both recruiting blood donors and retaining these donors moving forward. Engaging people is the first step in cultivating a relationship with them. What better way to do so than by making it easy for them to stay updated on the latest happenings delivered right to their mobile device?

The quest for new and effective ways to increase blood donor recruitment often starts with meeting people face to face, in locations where they feel most comfortable. College students, for example, can be alerted to the social benefits of being a blood donor. You can counter common objections, such as not being aware of local blood drives or being forgetful of when those drives are held, by offering them tools to use and following up with them within a short time.

Sharing information about the availability of mobile apps can help keep donors organized and on task when it comes to spacing at your donations. In addition, since mobile apps are specifically designed to be viewed on mobile devices, there are no formatting issues involved. Designing them with engaging graphics and relevant statistics mean that blood donors can be kept updated on the information they seek in a way that is far from boring.

Given all the competition for the attention of donors that blood donor recruiters face today, it is imperative that you leverage your time and resources with things like mobile apps that can best help you reach your agency’s goals. Apps like Blood Donor Mobile contain convenient tools that allow blood donors to streamline their lives with features like appointment alerts and upcoming donor opportunities.  These are features that can be used frequently. Choosing the right mobile apps mean working with a company that has experience in the specific challenges faced by the industry.

We have that experience, and are thrilled at the opportunity to help your blood collection agency make the most of your donor relationships.

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